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We support entrepreneurs and businesses throughout all stages of innovation.

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Link North supports businesses in: 

  • Industrial Services
  • Resource-based Sectors
  • Agri-foods
  • Manufacturing
  • Clean Tech
  • Information Technologies
  • Health Sciences

Link North generally does not support businesses operating as restaurateurs, distributors, resellers, or wholesalers. However, we can work with entrepreneurs outside our target sectors who are developing a novel product or technology and intend to commercialize.

BuildYou have an idea or working prototype for an innovative product or technology. You need support for product design, development and/or testing, and guidance on developing your business model and value proposition as you move toward commercialization and business start-up.

LaunchYou’re nearing start-up or in the early stages of business operations.  You’re implementing your business plan and testing your business model, learning more about what’s working well and what isn’t. You need support as you scale operations and build your revenue streams and customer base.

Grow – Your business is growing and you’re looking to improve your competitiveness. You’re considering integrating new technologies, enhancing work processes, new market opportunities, diversifying products or services, and/or creating new value for your customers.


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You’re in the pre-business
development stage.



You’ve recently started business operations and need support to scale.


You’re an established business looking for improved operations and new opportunities.


You have an innovative idea for a product or technology. Perhaps you have a working prototype or business model that needs further testing and development, and could use a little guidance and assistance in moving it toward commercialization. Link North staff can help.

We collaborate with the Northern College Innovation Hub and other ecosystem partners to facilitate access to resources and funding for product design, prototyping and testing. Our BOOST program can potentially provide additional funding for projects that are nearing commercialization. We also help identify and facilitate access to other funding that might be available.

As you’re working on the product or technology development you can access Link North’s advisory services and entrepreneurial development workshops to gain insight on developing your business model and value proposition; imperative pieces for communicating the value of your product or technology to customers, suppliers, distributors, and financers as you move toward commercialization We can also connect you with the Northern Ontario Angels to explore options for angel and equity investment.

Watch this video to learn more from Anthony, Mine Safety Solutions how we helped him with commercializing his first MSS safety glove products.


You recently started your business and could use support and guidance as you scale operations and build your revenue streams and customer base. You’re implementing your business plan and testing your business model, and learning more about what is working well and where you might need to make some adjustments. Link North’s advisory services and capacity-building workshops can provide insight on revisiting and refining your business model and value proposition.

Perhaps you could use our BOOST funding program to purchase equipment or integrate new technologies to enhance operations, attend industry trade shows to market your business, or work with a consultant to develop business strategies.

Watch Jessica from Trésor Kombucha discuss how our advisory services and workshops helped her better understand her business model and value proposition, and how BOOST supported financial planning with one of our consultants.


Your business is growing and you’re looking to improve your competitiveness by integrating new technologies or enhancing work processes and flow. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to develop in new markets, diversify products or services, or add value to your offering.

Our BOOST funding program can support your business goals. BOOST supports capital and non-capital projects for new product and market development, modernizing and enhancing operations, positioning the business for growth, and/or improving margins and growing revenues.

Watch Joelle and Seb of 360 Services Inc. discuss how Link North’s supported their business growth and development over the years.