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Complete our client questionnaire and tell us more about who you are and details about your idea or business.

Before completing our questionnaire,
consider what stage of development you’re in.

Stage 1


You have a great idea for a novel product or service that you assume solves a customer problem in a new or unique way. You may even have a basic design or model of your groundbreaking solution. However, you need help with better understanding your customer, starting the business planning process and investigating the business viability further.

Stage 2


You have more confidence in the viability of your business idea because you’ve completed market research and tested the basic assumptions underpinning your solution and business model. You’re engaged in product development, and may have a working prototype that needs more validation in order to ensure good market fit. You’re not quite ready for business start-up, but you’re getting close and you want to start looking at funding and financing options. You also want guidance on how you can start validating your business model and further hone your entrepreneurial skills.

Stage 3


You’re ready to start your business, or you recently launched it. You want grow your customer base further, develop additional revenue streams and/or reach month-to-month profitability on a consistent basis. You may not be getting the sales or customers like you projected, and you could use some assistance with adjusting your business model, or with sales and marketing communications. You’ve secured start-up funding and/or financing but could use more.

Stage 4


You’ve been in operation for at least one year and the business is profitable. You’re now looking at different options to grow the business further and/or enhance operations. Perhaps you’re considering new investments in information technologies and processes to modernize and improve your operations, or maybe you’ve identified a market opportunity and are ready to expand. You want to learn more about the funding and advisory services available to support your endeavors.

How can Link North assist you?

Now that you’ve considered the stage of business development you’re in, it’s time to complete our client questionnaire and tell us more about who you are and details about your product, service and/or business. This will help Link North staff assess how we and our innovation ecosystem network can support the development of your business. Download a PDF version of this questionnaire.