BOOST Funding

BOOST funding enables businesses to launch, scale, and grow.

Your link to funding

Link North’s BOOST program supports commercialization, business or product launch, scaling, expansion and/or improvement efforts by providing a 50% contribution up to $10,000 toward eligible project costs. 

Eligible costs are flexible and include:

  • New or used equipment
  •  Information technologies, software and modernization efforts
  • New market development and diversification initiatives
  • Attending industry tradeshows and events
  • Consultancy services to support business and marketing strategies
  • Product and technology development

You must be a registered client with Link North in order to apply for BOOST funding. Visit our Become a Client page for more information on how we work with clients.

BOOST supports businesses in: 

  • Industrial Services
  • Resource-based Sectors
  • Agri-foods
  • Manufacturing
  • Clean Tech
  • Information Technologies
  • Health Sciences

Link North generally does not support businesses operating as restaurateurs, distributors, resellers, or wholesalers. However, we can work with entrepreneurs outside our target sectors who are developing a novel product or technology and intend to commercialize.

Become a Client

Complete our client questionnaire and tell us more about who you are and details about your idea or business.